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Domestic excavator sales exceed 55%.

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The construction machinery industry in China has entered a growth period since the second half of 2016, and the market demand for excavators will continue to grow in 2018.

According to the industry statistics of Excavation Machinery Branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, 25 main excavator manufacturers included in the statistics from January to December 2018 sold 203420 large, medium and small excavator products, an increase of 45.0% compared with the same period last year. Domestic market sales (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) were 184190 units, up 41.1% year-on-year. Export sales were 19100 units, up 97.5% year-on-year.

In recent years, with the continuous innovation and maturity of excavator technology in China, the dominant position of domestic brand excavators in the Chinese market has gradually taken shape. From January to December 2018, 113722 domestic brands were sold in China's excavator market, with a market share of 55.9%. The sales volume of Japanese, Korean and European brands are 30 781, 23 341 and 34 830 respectively, with market share of 15.1%, 11.5% and 17.1% respectively.

According to the tonnage of excavators, the sales of micro-excavation (less than 4 tons), small excavation (4-12 tons), medium excavation (13-30 tons) and large excavation (more than 30 tons) are 7961, 88532, 76560 and 26873 respectively, and the market share is 4%, 43.5%, 37.6% and 13.2%.

From the data, we know that although the current proportion is not large, the micro-excavation has just started. From the perspective of sales, the recognition of micro-excavation industry is increasing year by year, with sales of 7961 units in 2018. For example, the 2-tonnage DM20 Mini Excavator of Dimension League does a lot of work, such as narrow working conditions, basement, ditch excavation, farmland orchard, municipal greening, etc. In terms of replacing manual work, users can truly appreciate the hard truth of "one machine at hand, construction without worries".

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